Here are the important things:

1. Surrounding FLAIR hyperintensity is unchanged.
2. There is no evidence of new areas of enhancement at the resection cite or elsewhere in the brain parenchyma.
3. A right frontal development venous anomoly is noted. (?)
4. Stable post surgical changes related to left parietal craniotomy and tumor resection without evidence of recurrent disease.
Looks good to us!!!! Time to jump for joy and make Dan a pack lunch for his second shift at work today. At least these long hours can keep his thoughts happy! Thank you for the love and support, and the ride to the hospital from my friend Jozann! What an angel she is. I told her to just drop me off but she wouldn’t leave me by myself and stayed with us the entire time. Now THAT is a friend. You guys sure know how to support a girl.
Phew!!!! WOOOOEEEEE!!! Now I can stay up all night reading my book about the Lusitania disaster. Hey, we all gotta have ways to celebrate. Ha!
Final results from UCLA should be in a few weeks, but with no obvious regrow, I’m a happy girl!