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November 2016


My Biggest Medical Asset

I have something that will help the cancer patient in your life, something that has been helping me for years. Why didn’t I think of sharing this sooner? I’ve eluded to it, even directly recommended it, but I’ve never included (that I can remember) a true description with photos. I’ve been sharing this info one-on-one with patients and caregivers, but for whatever reason, it didn’t occur to me to officially write something on how I stay organized in the wild wild world of cancer. Any large accordion style briefcase will do. The more slots, the better.Spring for heavy duty, this thing will take a beating with the amount of use it will get. I get copies of every medical record, and I carry this with me to all of my appointments.I have saved many a headache, and lots of time, during meetings because I have my own copies of my various pathologies, radiology reports, etc. This is a mini case that has its own slot in the big case. It holds every single one of my MRI and F18-Dopa PET scan disks. I’m able to pull out any disk that I need, in a matter of seconds. It’s astounding how helpful these disks have been in appointments.It has been common, in my experience, that new doctor appointments often do not receive my records in a timely fashion. By carrying all of my document and disks with me,I don’t get held up with delays or partial information from my doctors, because I’m able to provide the data for review and assessment. This briefcase has been worth its weight in mom’s cookies. Recently, at a new neuro-oncologists’s meeting, the doctor even asked what I do for a living. I replied, “This.” He responded by saying, “Want a job?” For a woman who has disabilities, who…

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A Lauren Taylor Illustration

Look what came in the mail, from the brilliantly gifted illustrator, Lauren Taylor!  (Click on her name and explore her website.) This image, this moment, I remember it like it was yesterday, and yet, in the same thread, it feels like several lifetimes ago. Earlier today, when I was cooking dinner, a wave of shock, and gratitude came over me. You'd think I'd get used to his love, but it still surprises me. Like a stupid cliche, but it's not stupid, and it's not a cliche, it's my life. I was thinking about how deep my love for Dan is, and how mutual the bond. If I never get to fulfill my dream of being a mother, or if I never fulfill my dream of further education, or even a fence around our property, I am and have been loved by a man that treats me kindly, who cherishes me, who hears me, who fulfills my every need, and so much more. I could never have dreamed of a love like this, because I had no concept of the enormity. Oh, to have a piece of art to celebrate the most profound aspect of my life, the bond with his soul. What an honor for Lauren to gift us this. I am in complete awe of this young woman. I think you might be too, if you check out her amazing YouTube videos. Get to know her a little, she's dynamic, and full of compassion - let alone talented. EASTSIDE STORIES Continue reading