Post Seizure Update

I’m back! I took a hiatus, had to get back on my feet. The seizure was a doozy, although, it wasn’t a grand mal so I’m grateful for that. It all went down because I borrowed my mom’s carpet shampooer, and I used her noxious cleaner. (Our house is normally a low chemical zone – I’m a baking soda, vinegar, organic, kinda girl.) A few minutes into the cleaning, I started getting lightheaded. I didn’t realize in that moment that I was already in the seizure. Somehow I grabbed my medicine, and a phone, even though I don’t recall making a point to do so. I wandered out to get fresh air, I felt like I was shuffling through a chemical cloud. The smell of the cleaner was so overwhelming that my brain felt like it was choking. I went to a semi-shaded area of the yard, and although it took a long time of staring at the phone, not understanding how to work it, I was eventually able to hit redial which was my parent’s work number. At that point, of progression, all I could say was, “It’s happening! It’s happening! Get Dan. Get Dan.” I was unable to hang up the phone, and could hear them scrambling to find their cell phones. I could hear their panic, their dialog. Then I heard the dead dial tone beeping. I remember closing my eyes, and for the first time during a seizure, I started praying. I prayed to the rhythm of the beeping. “Thank you for my life. Thank you for my life. Thank you for my life. Thank you for my life.” All in all, it wasn’t a short episode, but by the time I realized that it was okay to relinquish control, that I was fooling myself by…

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